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Sep 8, 2012 9:00pm CDT
than 60 business. he was 82 years old >> florida and virginia are in the campaign spotlight. next president obama and mitt romney hit the road in an effort to swing the undecided voters >> also why one of the lawyers who prosecuted o.j. simpson believes a defense attorney tampered with key evidence >> and later a excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. you know what i love about this country? trick question. i love everything about this country! including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. press conference breaking news: >> we have high hopes that when we get back together tomorrow we can move to the end game >> we have agreed to meet in the mornin
Sep 17, 2012 9:00pm CDT
for word and step by step >> virginia clark has been a sepias nurse for 12 years and she cannot remember the last time she got a raise in and says that the mayor is out of touch. >> and the standoff continues. >> parents speaking out this afternoon the power parents rally aimed at getting a face leaders ready in the community demanding that children get back in the classroom with their teachers. reps from more than a dozen community organization announced what they are calling encouragement lines they will visit the mayor's office cpsc and c t u headquarters where cta delegates will vote and a sepias high school is looking for something to do during the strike all seven campuses will be open for visits between 10 and the morning and one in the afternoon. students can get a campus tore and information on dual enrollment programs. even more educators considering a strike. union reps say contracts have reached an impasse including issues like freezing teacher pay for two years free retirement pay incentives teachers say they already agreed to pay higher health premiums and copays.
Sep 27, 2012 9:00pm CDT
northern virginia. under a flash flood warning they have had 2 in. of rain and they are expecting two more inches. texas has been rocked with more showers and thunderstorms today but these are dissipating. in the meantime our computer model showing a little bit of precipitation that is expected during the overnight hours. here is the forecast for tonight. here in chicago we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. i include the possibility of a light shower. friday, it looks like a partly cloudy kind of day late winds occasionally picking up in little with a high temperature 68-74 degrees. friday evening mostly cloudy. a shower is possible but probably will not happen. we will lose a few degrees on sunday but the warm- up begins on monday and it may be 80 by wednesday. >> three photographers that tells three generations of chicago each with a story to tell. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realize
Sep 11, 2012 9:00pm CDT
beautiful. all in all a a masterpiece found in western virginia free-market has the art world clamoring a woman paid $7 for a box of items that included that work of art it could fetch between 75,000- $100,000, the auction house is getting news all over the world because that was last heard about in 1926. it will go up for public auction on september the 29th. the white sox get some power from the few on likely sources. a scary night in houston after this collision down in houston. excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. [ female announcer ] what's a powerful way to cut through everyday greasy messes? [ male announcer ] sponges take your mark. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] one drop of ultra dawn has twice the everyday grease cleaning ingredients of one drop of the leading non-concentrated brand... ♪ ♪ [ crowd cheering ] clean 2x more greasy dishes. dawn does more. so it's not a chore. with hotwire's low prices, we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire che
Sep 13, 2012 9:00pm CDT
economic plan at a rally in virginia. the republican presidential nominee insists that his focus on nurturing this success of entrepreneurs will bring the economy roaring back. >> why a priest over allegations of the crime that happened in the '70s has been allowed to return back to mem minister. >> and he's all part the man with an every year we pick a new city to explore. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because they get us ridiculously low prices on really nice hotels and car rentals. so we hit boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator workin
Sep 27, 2012 12:00pm CDT
battleground moves to virginia today... as president obama and mitt romney mark the third straight day the candidates are campaigning in the same state. romney appeared at a veterans event in springfield, virginia. he warned voters that military cuts proposed by the white house would have a major impact on virginia. the impact would be significant and immediate here in virginia 160,000 jobs could be lost in virginia as a result of this defense cut move ... romney also released a new ad today aimed at coal miners. it includ video of obama as a candidate in 2008 saying he would support laws to force emitters of greenhouse gases to buy allowances at auction. polls show romney trailing president barack obama in just about every one of the swing states. the president just wrapped up his speech to supporters in virginia beach. obama is still hammering romney over his secretly recorded comments at a florida fundraiser. obama has a slight lead in the state, but undecided voters make it close. the president's campaign is buying tv time in seven battleground states to promote what he calls a "ne
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6